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Because we have our own workshop we can where necessary make adjustments and fittings to the suit you are about to rent. We can also manufacture a custom designed by yourself, based on your imagination! If you have an exclusive package tailored we help you al the way!. Our experience and knowledge is so rich that we dare to say: ”everything is possible!”. We enjoy working with you to conceive and figure out how your costume-ideas can become reality.

How does it work?
Quite simple:

  1. You come to us with an idea, detailed or still fairly rough.
    We sit together and we outline the plan.
  2. We create a first rough version.
  3. You visit us again to see, discuss and adjust the draft version. Once a costume is palpable you get an even clearer picture of what the end-result will be. In every step of the manufacturing you are welcome to come and have a look!

Tailoring a suit not just means that the measurements are correct, tailored to your imagination is just as important!