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Fin de siecle

Literally means "the end of the century". Just before the beginning of every century doomsayers start preaching DOOM….: The world will end, the Last Judgement awaits. They create a mood of fatalism, in which artists, poets and other people with a good dose of imagination can bloom. "My fatalism was me a philosophical consolation rather than a lingering evil power to ruin" (Louis Couperus)

The men wore a dark gray trousers and vests, over which (open) a waisted long coat. He had sideburns that were connected to his moustache, but no beard! The women wore a long fitted plain dress, over which a short jacket trimmed with fur. On her head a flat hat with flowers on the rim. Even the women wore lace evening dresses and lindt suits.

Biedermeier (1840-1860) 1900 - 1920