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The seventies

Society was gradually picking up on the ideas of the hippies-movement, the soft sector was rampant. Flower Power acceptance and understanding for soft drug use, wide legged trousers. A birthday party was called a “fuif” and you ate space cake. Brown walls, panelling, orange curtains and a sunken sitting area were the ingredients for a live of happiness. “Punk” was the reaction to all of this; agitating against everything.

The men wore long hair, shirt, tweed jacket, pants with very wide legs. Punks were creative with safety pins, wore black clothes torn, and had hair in bright colors that stood upright. Meanwhile there were also the followers Travolta: greaser, open blouse, white suit with wide legs. The woman wore a pantsuit, or a bright blouse and trousers with wide legs. Very short skirts were fashionable.

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